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Kamila Azizi, 18, talks about how to protect the gains made by Afghan women since while speaking at a conference to celebrate International Women’s Day at American University of Afghanistan in Kabul on Sunday, March 8, KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan women fear their hard-won rights could be bargained away when government negotiators meet with the Taliban to map out the future of the country, female students at an American-backed university said Sunday. Azizi exemplifies the gains Afghan women have made since the Taliban were forced from power. When she begins business studies at a local college, she will be one of more than , Afghan women who attend university — something denied them under the Taliban. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan, women were banned not only from getting an education but also from leaving the house without a male chaperone, from working, from accessing health care provided by a man, or from being involved in politics. More than 85, women work as teachers, professors, judges, doctors and in other professions, U. A long-awaited peace deal signed a little more than a week ago by Taliban and American negotiators mandates a phased drawdown of American, NATO and foreign-partner troops from Afghanistan and a disavowal of al-Qaida and other terror groups by the Taliban. It also calls for intra-Afghan talks, due to start this week, that will include the Taliban and the government in Kabul. But the deal, which the U.

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Amid the coronavirus pandemic many countries around the world have reported an alarming increase in domestic violence. Indeed, U. In Afghanistan—one of the worst countries in the world for women by almost any metric—the lockdown exacerbates the dire situation many Afghan women already face. Afghanistan is beginning to experience a rapid increase in coronavirus cases. To prevent a humanitarian crisis, the Kabul government has taken swift measures to stanch the spread of the virus.

But that response failed to factor in violence against women, particularly domestic violence, leaving many quarantined with their abusers and with few avenues to ensure their own safety. Responding to the pandemic does not absolve the government of its obligation to protect women from domestic violence. Peace at home is a cornerstone for societal peace. After all, we know that societies with high levels of domestic violence are more likely to be involved in war.

Afghan women understand this connection: those interviewed for a USIP research project said they saw a clear link between domestic violence and violent extremism.

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A year after the United States began its campaign to remove the Taliban from power, Afghanistan still has some of the worst health indicators in the world. Despite concerted international aid programmes and massive funding pledges, lack of infrastructure and trained personnel mean that substantial progress is likely to take years or even decades to achieve.

Six million Afghans have no access to medical care. Women are particularly vulnerable, with more than women dying each year from pregnancy-related causes.

“Afghanistan Belongs to All of Us”: Afghan Women’s Groups Call to Meet with Taliban A coalition of Afghan women’s rights groups have released an open letter to Women make up more than 50 percent of the population and their access to education, employment and access to services, but we are.

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Meet the Vancouver-Raised Woman Who is the ‘Oprah of Afghanistan’

MOSCOW — Thirty years after the last Soviet troops retreated from Afghanistan, Russia on Tuesday reasserted itself as a player in the region, hosting talks between the Taliban and senior Afghan politicians aimed at speeding the exit of another superpower — this time the United States. In a room dripping with chandeliers, more than 50 delegates — many in flowing robes, some in Western suits and ties, and nearly all old and sometimes violent rivals — faced each other across a large, circular conference table.

While the Afghan politicians, part of a delegation led by former President Hamid Karzai, spoke of protecting the hard gains of the past two decades, the Taliban denounced a new Afghan Constitution that lays out a system of governance built at enormous cost. The Taliban representatives also offered a rare look at how they now see the role of women.

This report describes the everyday barriers that Afghan women and girls with disabilities face in increasing public education and awareness about disability as a human rights and the development of a single education system to meet the needs of all learners within an 50 percent of the final wage. 4.

The coalition of Afghan women demand they be treated as equal citizens of their country now and in the future of Afghanistan, post-peace talks. We believe this is important because you are a party to the conflict and to the negotiations. More than ever we recognize our capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of our society. The appeal follows a wider campaign by Afghan women, supporters and activists calling for meaningful inclusion in the Afghan peace process, which has largely excluded women.

The letter rejects the notion that Afghan women demanding basic rights is a Western influence and instead emphasize that the rights the group demand are inherent to Islam, a majority religion and other faiths practiced in Afghanistan. Women make up more than 50 percent of the population and their exclusion from the peace process has raised significant concerns in Afghanistan and beyond about the erosion of women and minority rights.

NATO and Afghanistan

Get a business email, all the storage you need, video conferencing, and more. Born in Iran as a refugee during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, I understand the challenges many people face there to get access to formal education. I was one of eight children in a progressive, yet financially limited, family.

This video conference is going to give all of us a chance to talk about the This is my last U.S. American — I mean, American-Afghan Women’s Council that I meet with Afghan women, they would like me to convey that gratitude to you, to announce that it became a cooperative of 50 women, they own it.

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Help us continue to fight human rights abuses. Please give now to support our work. Download the full report in English. The schools do not want girls [with disabilities] to go to the classes. Usually they argue that they are not normal people so they cannot sit in the classrooms and learn like other students. Some time ago, my friends and I decided to go to the market in our own wheelchairs and shop ourselves.

Afghan women fear their hard-won rights could be bargained away when government negotiators meet with the Taliban to map out the future of.

NATO is leading a non-combat mission to train, advise and assist the Afghan security forces and institutions. Beyond supporting RSM, NATO Allies and partners are helping to sustain Afghan security forces and institutions financially, as part of a broader international commitment to Afghanistan. The Resolute Support Mission works closely with different elements of the Afghan army, police and air force. The mission performs supporting functions in several areas.

These include operational planning; budgetary development; force generation process; management and development of personnel; logistical sustainment; and civilian oversight to ensure the Afghan national defence and security forces and institutions act in accordance with the rule of law and good governance. The Afghan forces are making progress, performing with professionalism and bravery across the country, and continuing to deny the insurgents their strategic goals.

Life as an Afghan woman

Afghanistan is one of the most challenging places in the world to be a woman:. The only good news is that that these statistics have substantially improved in the last few years. Score , Iran Overall score out of : Women activists say up to 80 percent of marriages in poor rural areas are either forced or arranged.

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Every thirty minutes another Afghan woman dies during childbirth, and for every woman who dies, it is estimated that 20 more survive with significant injuries, such as obstetric fistula. Moreover, in Afghan culture, it is widely considered improper for a woman to be treated by a male doctor. If there are no female doctors available, she may receive no treatment at all. For a woman with fistula, this could mean living in misery for the rest of her life.

While conditions for women have started to improve in recent years, there remains an acute need to build the healthcare capacity for fistula treatment. Training female surgeons and other medical staff is critical to the success of any long-term solution.

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WAW has saved and changed the lives of over clients in Afghanistan and In conjunction with providing direct services at the NYCC, WAW advocates for WAW reached out repeatedly to Zainab’s family, until they finally agreed to meet. Nadera is originally from Pakistan and has been married to her year-​old.

War, terrorism, opium Women under the Taliban faced dire circumstances, but today we are fortunate to work with strong, resilient women. One reward we are the proudest of is empowering the women of Afghanistan. Roya, years-old, has been working with us for 2 years and wants to be a teacher. This will be my first time trying your Rimi spices and I am so excited to put them in my food.

I really love the Afghanistan food! We keep ordering these wonderful spices and want to support the Afghan women. Keep up the good work. Thank goodness.. I wish you good health and joy in achieving your goals! I get pretty much good amount of saffron, pretty often, my loved husband is taking like a medicine to help his vision.. Thank you very much, for you and for all the good you bring to others , angela. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published.

Code to Inspire brings developer skills to girls in Afghanistan with the help of G Suite

Waldorf Fund. Since support for the first few classes, AIL has been able to attract support each year and there is now a long waiting list of women and older girls who wish to take the class. Since , there have been 2, women who have completed the class. Students continue to improve, and, in , Most students continue their studies after completing the class. Sakena Yacoobi, Heidi Waldorf, Dr.

Meet the women fighting for justice in the brutal war against Afghanistan’s women​. Afghan women wait in line to vote at a polling centre for the country’s He’s only 50 years old, but his face prematurely droops from years of.

Women’s rights in Afghanistan have been varied throughout history. Women officially gained equality under the constitution. Especially during the latter’s rule, women had very little to no freedom, specifically in terms of civil liberties. Ever since the Taliban regime was removed in late , women’s rights have gradually improved under the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] and women are once again de jure equal to men under the constitution , which was largely based on that from Afghanistan’s population is roughly 34 million.

Many live as housewives for the remainder of their lives. Some Rulers of Afghanistan have consistently attempted to increase women’s freedom. For the most part, these attempts were unsuccessful. However, there were a few leaders who were able to make some significant changes. Among them was King Amanullah , who ruled from to and made some of the more noteworthy changes in an attempt to unify as well as modernize the country.

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